Monday, 3 August 2015

Max's Book Report

Title                                     Main events
                                         Something odd appears in
George & the Unbreakable                  the night sky in George and
code.                                                     Annies telescope. Then next
                                                             all the computers in the world get
Author                             hacked.  George and Annie travel
Lucy & Stephen Hawking.                  into space and find the evil computer                                                             scientist Alioth Merak and his Quantum
omputer is the cause!

A univesity town called                            
Foxbridge and Space.                             

George Greenby,                                           I like the book
Annie bellis,                                                  because I am interested
Cosmos the computer,                                   in science and the book tells you a lot about science
Evil Scientist                        
Alioth Merak,
Georges Mum and
Dad and Annies Mum                                 BY Max
And Dad

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