Thursday, 14 May 2015

Karin's Book Report

           DOUBLE ACT   by Jacqueline Wilson

This book is about two identical twins. Ruby and Garnet, they are very different.
Ruby is quite loud and a show-off and is a bit older than Garnet but only for couple minutes. So she bosses Garnet around.
Ruby wants to be an actress and tries to force Garnet to be an actress too.
Their dad dates a lady that the kids hate. One day they find a cool school 
they want to be in and meet the principal.
They ask if they can get in the school and they talk to the principal. They get a letter back saying whether they can come to the school.
Will they both be able to get in the school? You can find out if you read the book! This book is recommended for age 8-11. 

by Karin 

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