Wednesday, 11 February 2015


A quick look at a small collection of NEW books - more to follow in the up coming weeks!!!

Diego Run ! by Deborah Ellis

Diego lives in a prison in Cochabamba, Bolivia.
His parents are locked up, but he is free to come and go: to school and to the market, working as a "taxi", doing errands for other prisoners. But the future looks grim unless he can make money, fast.
His Friend Mando has a plan.....
Through my Eyes - Emilio by Sophie Masson
"I'm sorry - I'm so sorry, Emilio," Juanita began, her voice breaking a little.
Emilio hardly hear her. His stomach was heaving, there was a roaring in his ears.
The Policeman said,
"My name is Raul Castro,
and I am an officer of the Policia Federal here
in Mexico City."
He showed his identification. 
"I regret to inform you that I have bad news."

Through my eyes - Naveed by John Hefferna 

The explosion jolts him awake. He sits up, gasping for air, heart thumping.
Was the blast real? Perhaps it had only happened in his head, a bad dream.
Demons of the dark, his father had called them.
Push them away. They'll only poison your thoughts. 
Seek the light and they can't hurt you.

These are available now !
Check them out.

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