Sunday, 12 October 2014

Term 4


Term 4 - 2014

Day 1, for term 4, 10 picture books p/day challenge

Anyone keen to join in and try it - 4p/day or 5/day?? 

1. Courtney by John Birmingham
Quirky, interesting illustrations. I would love a dog like Courtney - wouldn't you

2. Not like that like this!  by Tony Bradman
Bright colours, funny silly story

3. Michael Recycle by Ellie Bethel
Great fast paced rhyming story and we all could learn from this book!!!

4.  An Island in the Sun by Stella Blackstone
A gentle story about a lovely day out with sweet pictures
5. Twinkle by Nick Bland
A great adventure I am sure we would all love to have - beautiful illustrations

6. QPootle5 in Space by Nick Butterworth
Not my cup of tea but the pictures are great.
 I can see how boys and alien hunters would love this book

7. Birthday Rain by Dorothy Butler
I LOVE this story, it brought back lovely memories of my Grandparents.
Sorry - couldn't find an image of this book- will try and take a picture of it myself.

8. Jane and the Magician by Martin Baynton
I love dragons and magic so this is a favourite for me.

9. Potato Music by Christina Booth
Touching story how Music makes life better even, or especially, in time of War!!!

10. Gumdrop's Merry Christmas by Val Biro
The magic of Christmas in a story for all - great pictures.

Be sure to try some of our picture books
- you are NEVER too old to read a picture book !!!

Have a great day!!!

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