Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Day 7

7 Days = 70 books WAHOO!!!

Day 7

1. Can I Cuddle the Moon by Kerry Brown and Lisa Stewart
A sweet story with interesting, fresh, illustrations

2. Edmond Went Far Away by Martin Bax and Michael Foreman
This is a long story about going finding out for yourself what is out there!
3. Chief Loves to Chase by Chris Baldwin
Simple childlike drawings with handwritten text.

4. The Wishing Star by Christina Butler and Frank Endersby
Shiny illustrations with a cute story

5. Madeline's Christmas by Ludwig Bemelmans
Great story for all to enjoy, I loved it.

6. Rats by Gavin Bishop
A remake of an old tale but with a unique twist
7. Zagazoo by Quentin Blake
Great story with lots of  humor - a MUST read for all parents

8. The Quiltmakers Gift by Jeff Brumbeau and Gail de Marcken
The truth about "Giving" and the illustrations are stunning

9. Stanley Paste by Aaron Blabey
Great pictures and the story left me smiling :)

10. UG - "Boy Genius of the Stone-Age" by Raymond Briggs
This is written in Graphic Novel format - so if you like cartoons you may enjoy this.

Happy reading - enjoy your browsing!!!!

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Day 5 and 6

Well I have now read 60 books in 6 days... AWESOME !

Have any of you taken up my challenge to read more picture books or other books???
I would love to hear from any or all who  have.

My challenge after this week will be continued next term - Term 4

Here we go - Day 5

1. Can't, Shan't, Wont ! by Brimax
Lovely story and the pictures a very cute

2. My Mom by Anthony Browne
MUMS are Marvelous!!!

3. The Penguin Who Wanted to Fly by Ben Brown and Helen Taylor
Great story about Never giving up! Beautiful Artwork.

4. Oliver goes exploring by Margaret Beames
Wonderful pictures and a great story for cat lovers

5. The Very Itchy Bear by Nick Bland
Funny story and very comical pictures

6. Jeremiah Learns to Read by Jo-Ellen Bogart, Laura Fernadez and Rick Jacobson
We are never to old to learn. This is a lovely story and the pictures are sweet

7. I Wish I Were A Pilot by Stella Blackstone and Max Grover
What do you wish to be??? This book is full of bright pictures

8. The Christmas Caravan by Jennifter Beck and Robyn Belton
Lovely Illustrations. This story made me feel good!

9. How to Catch a Monster by Christina Bollbach
Quirky images and intriguing story

10. Gorilla by Anthony Browne
A story Well worth reading and the pictures are great!

DAY 6.

1. Love to Sing- nursery rhymes by Linda Adamson and Vasanti Patel
Simplistic pictures with lots of songs - including actions

2. Alexander's Outing by Pamela Allen
Always listen to your mother!

3. What is a Wall After All? By Judy Allen and Alan Baron
This is a different kind of book - lot's of informative pictures

4. Lunch Boxes by Althea and Chris O'Neill
What do You have in Your lunch box??

5. Degas and the Little Dancer by Laurence Anholt
I Loved this story - it is all based on a true story and the pictures are beautiful
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6. A New Home For a Pirate by Ronda ARmitage and Holly Swain
The pictures are neat and the story is a play on a memory game

7. Shhh! Little Mouse by Pamela Allen
What does Little Mouse eat?

8. Billy and the Big New School by Catherine and Laurence Anholt
We all get scared of New things sometimes!!!

9. The Pear in teh Pear Tree by Pamela Allen
Quirky pictures and a funny story

10. The Lighthouse Keeper's Rescue by Ronda and David Armitage
A lovely tale with consistantly wonderful pictures

Watch this space for more books - :)

(ta ta for now)

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Day 4 of My Challenge

Day 4

1. Rory's Story by Brimax
Very cute story about new siblings, bright and cheerful illustrations

2. The Mouse that Danced by Margaret Beames, illustrated by Rachel Driscoll
A story about sticking with something till you get it done!

3. Patrick by Quentin Blake
Amazing what music can do! lots of bright, cheerful pictures.

4. The Story of the Dancing Frog by Quentin BlakeAn interesting story and Quentins artwork is quirky and fun

5. Laura's Star by Klaus Baumgart
Who doesn't dream of having a star as a friend !! Lovely pictures

6. Who Am I ? by Moira Butterfield and Wayne Ford
Very informative and interactive story.

7. Flight of the Dodo by Peter Brown
Funny story - It even has POOP in it, nice simplistic pictures.

8. Animals should definitely, NOT wear clothing by Judi Barrett and Ron Barrett
Silly, funny story with great illustrations

9. Herbert the Brave Sea Dog by Robyn Beltor
Based on a true event and includes a lot of historical information.

10. A Booming in the Night by Ben Brown and Helen Taylor
Truely beautiful illustrations and a neat story about one of our Endangered Native Birds

Well there  you are - another 10 books down and dusted - give them a try - lovely words, beautiful pictures :)


Day 2 and 3 of my challenge

Hi all
Here are the next 20 (Day 2&3) books I have read for my personal Librarians Challenge.
10 picture books p/day till end of term 3
and then for All of term 4!

Day 2:

1. The lighthouse Keeper's Cat by Ronda and David Armitage
lovely story with great pictures - who doesn't love cats !

2. What Makes Me Happy by Catherine and Laurence Anhold
Almost Every emotion is shown in the bright pictures - nice illustrations

3. Flora and the Strawberry Red Birthday Party by Ronda and David Armitage
Who doesn't like Strawberries???  Great idea for a party

4. Fancy That ! by Pamela Allen
Simple, Short and Sweet - Fun !!

5. Doodledum Dancing  by Meredith Costain and Pamela Allen
Great Poems and Songs

6. The Lighthouse Keeper's Christmas by Ronda and David Armitage
Lovely Story - it made me hungry with all the pictures of foo

7. The Lighthouse Keeper's Catastophe by Ronda and David Armitage
I know that I have misplaced my keys before, have you ever??

8. The Potato People by Pamela Allen
Great crafting idea

9. The Lighthouse Keeper's Tea by Ronda and David Armitage
Food --Yum, great illustrations

10. Grandpa and Thomas by Pamela Allen
Wonderful story of an outing by the sea, the pictures nicely capture a day at the beach.

Day 3

1. Dimitri the Astronaut by Jo Agee
Interesting story with neat pictures

2. Leonardo and the Flying Boy by Laurence AnholtGreat book, using history and some of the Real Leonardo's pictures to tell a tale.

3. Our Daft Dog Danny by Pamela Allen
Interesting story with great pictures

4. Mr McGee by Pamela Allen
Great Rhymes and fun illustrations

5. Kapai Goes Whitewater Rafting by Uncle Anzac
What and adventure!!! Exciting

6. The Terrible Q by Tanya Batt and Trevor Pye
We all get the wrong idea sometimes - this story explained one we have all gotten wrong
7. K is for Kissing a Cool Kangaroo by Giles Andreae and Guy Parker-Rees
This is a fun, bright and fun paced picture book - wonderful illustrations

8. Is your Grandmother a Goanna? by Pamela Allen
We are all looking for something, nice story about a search.

9. Camille and the Sunflowers by Laurence Anholt
A story about Vincent Van Gogh - Great Story

10. Love is a Handful of Honey by Giles Andreae and Vanessa Cabbon
Stunning artwork and a lovely tale written as a poem

I hope you get a chance to read some of these great books !!!