Sunday, 17 August 2014

Book Report by Helene

                        The Secret of the Fairies


The story takes place in Ireland
(the mystical 
land of Erin).

Someone stole King Waveshakers 
Crown and he is so angry he makes t
he ground shake on the land of Erin.
Thea Sisters have to go to  Ireland to help solve the problem.



Nina, Pamela, Paulina, Nicky, Collette, Thea, Violet, Will and King Waveshaker.                             

Main Events

King Waveshaker is angry and no one knows why.
So the Thea Sisters have to go and find out.

Rating on the book

I thought it was a good book if you like Myth and Mystery. I reccomend it for 8-10 year olds.


                                                                     By: Helene Price

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