Thursday, 24 July 2014

New Books for Term 3

New titles YAHOO!~!!!!!
The Emerald Atlas: by John Stevens

Kate: The oldest. The only one who remembers their parents.
Promised to protect her 
brother and sister until they return
Michael: Bookish, scrawny, bullied at every orphanage (his glass somehow always end up in the toilet). Loves stories about magic, especially involving dwarves.
Emma: A pint-sized brawler. Devoted to her brother and sister.
Thinks Michael is deeply weird. Will fight anyone who says so.
Secretly threw Michaels glasses in the toilet - twice!!!
Together, they will learn:
1. Magic is real,
2. Emma knows the word "please"
3. Only they can save the world.
number 2 is the most surprising!)
Stormchaser: by Paul Stewart & Chris Riddell

Far, far away, jutting out into the emptiness beyond, lies the Edge.
Both the land and the air are filled with strange peoples and terrifynign creatures;
action - and danger - await at every turn.
Captain Mack and the Giant Squid: by John Lomas-Bullivant
(Junior Graphic Novel)
Meet Captain Mack! No mission is ever too dangerous for this daring superhero.
Mack is on his way to help some sailors stuck deep in the ocean.
But suffering submarines! A naughty giant squid has other plans.....

All these books are now in our Library waiting for you
To discover them!!!


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