Sunday, 6 April 2014

Book Report by Samara

Sapphire Battersea

by Jacqueline Wilson

Setting: a big house in London and the sea side of Bignor

Characters: Sapphire Battersea ,Ida (Sapphires mum),Mrs Briskett, Sarah,Madame Berenice, Greenwood family and Mr Buchanan

MAIN EVENTS: Sapphire worked for Mr Buchanan with Sarah and Mrs Briskett but after a while she was naughty and got fired. She went to see her mum in Bignor. Ida worked for an old lady by the seaside. She figured that her mum was sick. She sent her mum to a hospital and went to the seaside She met a family and stayed with them...

I really liked this book because it was sad and it made me want to keep reading.


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