Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Two New Titles

New Picture Books 

Let's talk about it series -

 My Brother is Autistic 
by Jennifer Moore-Mallinos

Having a brother with autism can sometimes be hard, especially when he freaks out in front of other kids at school.
It can be so embarrassing! Maybe if the kids knew more about autism they'd stop teasing and making fun of Billy and just be nice.

This book describes some of the realities that kids with autism and their brothers and sisters experience everyday.
The Authour encourages all children to learn patience, understanding and tolerance when dealing with an autistic friend.

My Friend Has Down Syndrome - by Jennifer Moore-Mallinos

This sensitively written book is a story about two children who meet at summer camp and the warm friendship that develops between them despite the fact that one of them has Down Syndrome.
Both girls learn that everybody is good at something and that by helping each other overcome their fears and difficulties, they can accomplish a great deal.

Check them out - Great books!!!!

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