Monday, 10 February 2014

Week 2

So we are onto week 2 - Wow....

Here are some new books to get us going :)

Non-fiction:  Shark Attack! by Gail Tuchman.

This book comes with a free downloadable digital book :)
Give it a go and let me know what you like about it !!!
501 Great Kiwi Jokes
 Proceeds from the sale of this book are 
going to the Cure Kids Foundation and there 
is also a small article written about Cure Kids,
 and Vicki Lee the CEO of Cure Kids

The Trash Pack - Junk Punk Joke Book

Laugh out loud with the grossest gang in town!
This Foul-filled joke book is packed with revolting rib-ticklers and rotten riddles.
Trash has never been so horribly hilarious!!


Stars of Orion by PG Rob
(Central Otago Writer)

When Gabriel Read lifted his shovel and saw gold, shining like the stars in the Orion on a dark frosty night, he sparked off NZ's first gold rush in 1861
Young Robbie in Dunedin was determined to find his father at the Tuapeka goldfield. With no roads or signposts, not even a map to guide him in a newly-settled land, he set off on foot across the rugged hills to the shanty town of Wetherstons.
The adventure of a lifetime had begun.

Chief the Woofty Snoofty by Chris Baldwin
(Wanaka Authour) 

Giraffe Attack by Chris Gurney
(New Zealand Authour)

Jack is fearful of the dreadful 'Giraffe' that everyone
 talks about, thumping and bumping about the house,
 trying to get in.
His imagination knows no why does 
Mum laugh and tell him he's being silly? 

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