Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Book Trailer

Angus:  I learnt over all what g-mail actually is, the thing I am most proud of is getting all the slides finished and complete

Thomas:  I learnt how to properly use a computer and what google drive is, I found it difficult finding car noises and using youtube

Alfie:  I found it hard to find age appropriate pictures to put in our trailer, I am proud of  us working together even though we disagreed a bit of the time.

I just want to add - that these boys - Angus,Thomas and Alfie have really worked hard on this book trailer, and even though we ran out of time to actually put sound and movement to it, it looks great!! A good Collaborative effort on behalf of all Three!!! WELL DONE.

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  1. AWESOME Book Trailer - especially for a first go "EVER" at creating these!!!!