Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Book Trailer

Angus:  I learnt over all what g-mail actually is, the thing I am most proud of is getting all the slides finished and complete

Thomas:  I learnt how to properly use a computer and what google drive is, I found it difficult finding car noises and using youtube

Alfie:  I found it hard to find age appropriate pictures to put in our trailer, I am proud of  us working together even though we disagreed a bit of the time.

I just want to add - that these boys - Angus,Thomas and Alfie have really worked hard on this book trailer, and even though we ran out of time to actually put sound and movement to it, it looks great!! A good Collaborative effort on behalf of all Three!!! WELL DONE.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Week 8, Term 4, 2013

19 SLEEPS!!!!!!

Only two, Yes 2, weeks left of Term 4 2013......
Where oh where has this term gone!!!
It sure does seem to have flown by, especially these last couple of weeks.
Our Library Xmas tree will be up on Monday 9th December so be sure to check into our library to see how it looks with a mix of hand made and store bought ornaments.
I will try and get a clear picture to put on here for my next installment!!!

Chow for now