Wednesday, 31 July 2013

An Eclectic Mix of New Books

Well it has been all of a couple weeks since I put any New books on here so today I am giving you an ECLECTIC mix of authors and styles....

Our first of  5 titles is :
Shahana, by Rosanne Hawke.
     Shahana lives alone with her yourng  brother in the shadow of the Line of Control, the border patrolled by Pakistani and Indain soldiers that divides Kashmir in two. Life is hard, but Shahana ekes out a living with her beautiful embroidery. Then she finds a boy lying unconscious near the border. Zahis is from across the Line of Control, and Shahana takes a terrible rish by sheltering him. But how can she give Zahid up to the authorities when she knows he'll be imprisoned - or worse??

Next we have:   Project Huia, by New Zealand Authour Des Hunt
"She Fell from the air, her wings no more use than a ripped parachute"
With a flash of yellow wattles glowing against the sheen of her black feathers, the frightened Huia whirls clumsily across the rugged gorge.
Mavis and Jim scrambe after the injured bird, but to reach her they have to take a jigger through the long, dark rail tunnel. And halfway through, they hear the roar of a train coming......

So far so thrilling I hope - there are definitely some here I will be taking out myself!!!!!

The Pirate Company - On the Trail of the Golden Toucan, by Susan Cason
     This is the story of Tom Applecross, who found himself all aklone in the world. Till he met up with a gang of pirates.
     Some would say, Any port in a storm. Others would say, Abandon ship while you've still got the chance!
     Tom, rightly or wrongly, saw it as his lifeline

Only two more to go........ what will they be...oooohhhh how exciting :)
This next one is a bind up of Three books - WOW !!!! And... if that isn't cool enough you can also go to the series website..... Which I have checked out and it is awesome!!!!

EJ12 Girl Hero - Shine files  1. Hot & Cold, 2. Jump Start and 3. In the Dark  - all are written by Susannah McFarlane

And now... drum roll please...... dum dum dum de dum!!!!!!! Lucky last but not least!!!!!

Conspiracy 365 - Black Ops: Hunted by Gabrielle Lord
Cal is undercover on Shadow Island, investigating the secrets hidden beneath the surface of this tropical paradise. Evading search parties, planning rescue missions and sneaking through a maze of hidden tunnedls is now an average day for Cal.......

Well happy reading to all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No excuses... come into our fabulous library and get these amazing books out!

Chow for now.  SJ


  1. I would be interested to read Project Huia as I live fifteen minutes away from Huia itself - so I imagine this story is based in the Waitakeres regarding an extinct bird! We often take a stroll on the scenic beach there or have fish n chips from the Huia store.

    1. Sounds like an amazing place.... strolling on the beach - fish'n'chips what is not to love!!