Tuesday, 21 May 2013

White Sticker newbies !!!

Great new selection for our older/slightly more advanced readers

My New Zealand Story - The Wahine Disaster, Wellington 1968
- written by Shirley Corlett
     When Debbie's grandmother gives her a copy of her forefather's old sea journal, she finds it fascinating.
     While Debbie's own diary tells of school life and troubles with her friends, excerpts from the diary of 1841 tell of the hardships of life on an emigrant sailing ship.

     At home, sick with glandular fever, Debbie feels transported back in time. Is it a feverish hallucination, or is her long-dead relative trying to tell her something?
     Following a trip to visit relatives, Debbie boards the ferry to return home to Wellington.

It is April 1968. The ferries name is Wahine...

2 Power: The Canine Conspiracy-Written by Pete Johnson
     2 Kids with super powers!!!  Sam and Ella are just an ordinary brother and sister - until they discover 2 amazing things:   They can send thought messages to each other, and, They have incredible super powers - Suddenly they are EXTRAORDINARY!!

Survival Squad - Search and Rescue-Written by Jonathan Rock
     There's a reason they're known as the Survival Squad...
It's winter and the snow is falling thick and fast. Tiger Patrol are learning to ski, building snow shelters, and igloos. They're even working with the local Search and Rescue team. Then they are caught in a snow blizzard and a young girl is missing in the snow!
     Time is running out for the Survival Squad.
Deltora Quest: Return to Del
- Written by Emily Rodda
Deltora Is A Land Of Monsters And Magic......   
The seven lost gems have been restored to the Belt of Deltora. Now Lief, Barda and Jasmine must find the heir to the kingdom's throne.
They know that only the true heir can use the Belt's magic to overthrow the, evil Shadow Lord.
     But ...
The heir has been in deepest hiding from birth and only the Belt can reveal the hiding place.
Shock follows shock as the Deltora quest rushes to its thundering climax and the fury and power of the Shadow Lord himself threaten to destroy its three heroes and everything they love.

Creepella von Cacklefur: The Thirteen Ghosts-Written by Geronimo Stilton
     Creepella is writing a chilling story for "The Shivery News", so she and her niece, Shivereen, head to scary Squeakspeare Mansion to interview some ghosts.
     When they get there, they meet Billy Squeakspeare, a famouse writer who has just inherited the mansion. Billy is too much of a 'fraidy mouse to go inside alone, so Creepella and Shirvereen leat teh way.
     But will the spooky rooms and ghosts inside be friendly - or frightening???

Wings-Written by Raymond Huber
     Ziggy has a new mission: to find the disappearing bees of Tokyo.
But the big city is not a friendly place for a honey bee. Ziggy encounters new enemies, including the dreaded hornet Torgo and his gang.
     Is Ziggy smart and brave enough to outwit his enemies and conmplete the misssion??

Surely there is something in this selection to tempt you,
and make you want to
come in to look through
our great collection of books!!


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