Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Books and books again

As  Library we have books, funny that!!
not just one or two but, thousands of books.

New titles are always coming through - so here we are again... our next installment of the of New Books!!!!

Hope you enjoy what is new of offer!!!!!!!!

Let's start with the

"He wants to save the world. His parents want to destroy it."


A mystery for Thea Stilton in Scotland

It's early days in the Boer War and teh small farming
community of Huia is gripped by patriotic fervour.
Men young and old, are eager to join up and head overseas to fight the "evil scoundrel folk in Africa who opposed the British Empire and had to be taught a lesson"...

A London Girl's Diary 1665 -1666

An Edwardian Girl's Diary 1909 - 1913
A Second World War Soldier 1944
A First World War Soldier 1914 - 1918
A Wartime Girl's Diary 1940 -1941
A Victorian Girl's Diary 1871

A Second World War Spitfire Pilot 1939 - 1941
A British Boy AD84

A Viking Warrior AD 1008
So plenty of new Series to get your teeth into :  So-to-speak !! :)
Enjoy and keep watching this space!

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