Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Bandage Andy Griffens

Andys house
Andy and the bandage
Main events
Andy taking off his bandage
Andy thought that people with glasses
look smarter so he picked up a pair of
glasses and the last thing he heard was "watch
out", then he fell into a man hole.
The glasses broke and Andy had
a cut under his eye.
His mum does not give him any new bandages,
 so he kept the same one on for four months.
He was made to take off the bandage, finally, for 
school photos.
He took the bandage off eventually.
However as he used a razor blade to cut it
 off, this slipped  and so he  has to
have another new
Did you like this book.
I liked it because it was funny and
the writers use of letters and
numbers made me laugh.


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