Tuesday, 26 March 2013

WPS Reading Challenge - April/May 2013

Hi all !!!

Well the end of term is looming, boy where has that time gone????

I have decided to run a Reading Challenge - open to all classes at Wanaka Primary School, that will hopefully encourage kids to continue to read throughout the two weeks holidays!

Soon I will be asking  our classes for how many children will be interested in taking part - and then two weeks prior to end of term (which is only in two weeks time aaahhhh!!!! )from April 8th names and room numbers will be taken down and Reading Challenge Booklets will be handed out!

For this challenge I am extending the loans of any library books taken out during the last two weeks of school - for 5 weeks - to allow for time to get them back after the school holidays.

Please note that the resources from the Wanaka Public Library and home reading can also
be used to complete this challenge - all who take part have to have their own personal, achievable goal :)

There will be a small reward for all who take part and complete their Reading Challenge Goals!!!

Watch this space peeps!

chow for now - happy reading

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