Sunday, 17 March 2013

MORE new Non-fiction books for OUR space!!!

Well as promised here as some more NEW titles for Wanaka Primary School Library!!!

Keep up if you can :)

Six New Non-fiction Books:
One colourful and clever cookbook by a New Zealander Nicholas Brockelbank.

The Berenstain Bears Non-fiction:

The Berenstain Bears get in a fight -
When two small bears don't get along, the Grown ups worry -
 what went wrong????

The Berenstain Bears go to the Doctor -
Take a deep breath. Stick out your tongue.
 Come and see Doctor Grizzly you you are young.
Mom and Dad are going out, Gramps and Gran are, too.
Who will stay home with the cubs?
Just anyone won't do...

The Berenstain Bears visit the Dentist - Taking good care of their teeth is something ALL bears do.
that's why Sis and Brother brush - and go to the dentist too.

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