Wednesday, 27 March 2013

More more more new books !!!

Non- Fiction for both boys and girls this time !!!

Here we go !!

For our girls and yes some of our guys that love fashion and the possibilities that an "Op shop" or second hand shop can bring - Utterly Gorgeous Fashion by Natalie Abadzis is a must see, and work from to create your own fashions.
For our younger boys - Firefighters
How do firefighters train? What do they do in an emergency? What equiopment do fire engines have?
Read and discover the facts!!!

What were the first cars like? How fast can a supercar drive? What does a car's engine do?

Cautionary tales:
For children every where to warn of the perils of behaving badly and not doing what you're told. 

Give that back, Jack !

                 Don't be greedy, Graham.

                                                                      Don't be a bully, Billy.

                                                                Don't tell lies, Lucy!!

      Say please, Louise!!

Well there you have it - what will be on here next??????
Check back out and see :)

chow for now


  1. Can't wait to read the cautionary tales. they look awesome. Thanks for sharing. I probably wouldn't have found them otherwise.

  2. They are now available in our library :)
    Thanks for the positive comments!!!