Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Lucy Davey - Authour Extraordinaire!!!!!

Today, March 20th 2013, we had the priviledge of a visit by Lucy Davey at Wanaka Primary School
- Who is Lucy Davey you ask ??

She is a Modern Day Mother of three, has a background in Science, Engineering and her talents now include childrens' song writing and is an Authour of several amazing picture books!!!!

Lucy Davey

Inspiring our children of Pods 1, 2 and 3 of Wanaka Primay School
Thanks for coming to Wanaka Primary School Lucy!!!!!!
You are a STAR!!!!

The Fidgety itch - it will have you "itching for more"

Fifi la Belle - cat with attitude

Fifi la Belle - time for a bath

Mr Mayor's Pavlova Palaver

Out of Bed Fred

Right royal Christmas

Fifi la Belle - ship's cat

Pandora's Potato Romp

Tarantula Boo!

     Lucy Davey is wonderful to watch when she is explaining where ideas come from, how a book comes into being to our two different sessions.
     She has a real knack when it comes to connecting with the different ages of kids within the two different sessions and the picture below shows some of the willing participants in a play she had them act out as she read her book Fidgety Itch.
     Throughout the whole two 40minute sessions the children were engrossed and all soaking up her words! It was fabulous to witness and her love of words is so contagious that I feel confident that she touched/inspired many today!!!

Session 1 - Fidgety Itch play, Pods 1, 2 &3
- as I said some very willing participants acted out her story as Lucy read it aloud to the whole group-
(sorry for the slightly fuzzy aspect - I am getting used to the digital camera)

You can check out more information regarding Lucy and her amazing books go to :    - I highly recommend it!!!!!

I had more photos but sorry to say none were in proper focus, sorry all!!
NOTE to self, practise with camera before it is needed and make sure that the battery is full, because the first camera's batteries died with 10 minutes of talk still to come  :(    

Hopefully I will get some of the other teachers photos up here A.S.A.P !!!   But if you ever get a chance to hear Lucy in person - take it because it was inspirational, fun and creative!!!!!

Again - watch this space
chow for now


  1. Lucy was the best presenter I have seen in ages. I loved her enthusiasm and her inspirational boxes she used to talk about herself and her journey as an author. I loved the light bulb the best but really enjoyed the story about the Fidgety Itch. Thanks Lucy for coming to inspire us all and thanks to Sara for organising such a great presenter for us.

  2. Lucy contacted us and I just followed up with her :)
    I agree,she was the best presenter that I too have seen in a long time!!!